Who Am I…

Hi there…

My name is Lisa..I love singing, I love music

For now, I am a church singer at GKI Kwitang, I also coaching church choir there, I’ve been a coach since college and I still enjoy it until now…

I love it because I  can express my talent, not only to worship my Jesus, but also for other people, so they can express the blessing that they already got by praise Him through singing.

I also joining in a band named The Spiritual Lounge, and become a lead vocalist. We also writing songs,arrange them, and do our music to praise our Lord..

Now, I want to share my experience, the knowledge or information that I got, so all blog readers can be inspired through me…

Activities: Working as an employee

                       Coaching choir : Blessing Choir, PS Jemaat, PS Samaria at GKI Kwitang

                     Lead Vocalist of  The Spiritual Lounge Band

Thanks and feel free to ask any question with me…

Jesus bless you all


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